Timeless Themes for Girl’s Rooms

Maybe you are getting ready to start redecorating your little girl’s bedroom, or perhaps you are starting for the first time with her nursery, but you have no idea what style you want to go with. Not every parent wants to have a themed room that will need to be changed or updated every so often (such as Barbie, princesses, fairies, etc…) and so, for those parents I want to highlight some great themes that are classic and perfect for girls of all ages.

Toile – This is a great design to use for a nursery, especially if you are not the most gifted when it comes to decorating. When you choose to go with toile as your main nursery theme, you will immediately have a space that looks like it was done by a professional. Toile is timeless and elegant with just enough sass, plus you can add in some other design styles such as floral, polka dots or stripes which will blend well and look fantastic. This is one theme for your little girl’s nursery that you will not get tired of, so it is a great choice. The added bonus is that if you stay with a gender neutral color, a toile nursery can also work for a boy, giving you versatility and a nursery set that can last for many years. I love the details of this Angelique Toile D’or Crib Linen Set by Little Bunny Blue…it is so elegant and sophisticated without being too “frilly” This is truly the perfect beginning to a great nursery design for your little girl.


Damask – Typically damask is thought of as only appealing to those who have more of an alternative or eccentric style, but there are many current options which have made this pattern more universally appealing. Take, for instance, the Tess Bedding Set from Serena & Lily…they use softer, more neutral colors so that the bold pattern is not overbearing. When you choose a bedding set such as this one, you have so much versatility in adding the décor – keeping it simple or adding more ornate and eye-popping details in the lighting, and artwork. In all, I think there are many different options today which make damask a beautiful choice for a girl’s room.


Paisley – Paisley is a pattern that has been around for a long time, and made its way through fashion, some classy pieces and others just too awful to remember (men’s paisley suit, for example). Even with all its ups and downs, paisley definitely has a special place in design, and when decorating for your little girl, should not be discounted. Perhaps the best part of this design pattern is how easily it melds with any other pattern, resulting in some interesting combinations: stripes, butterflies, polka dots, floral, and abstract. In the Carli Crib Bedding Set by Maddie Boo, the main fabric used is a simple paisley pattern without anything else going on, making this more modern. Also, the use of solid color blocks and stripes make this a fun and girly set that will look great in any nursery.

For more themed décor ideas, be sure to check out Rosenberry Rooms, or perhaps you would rather shop by room…either way you will find the perfect children’s furnishings to create the perfect space for your little one. Happy decorating!

Adriana Dehring

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