Meet Reesa Qualia of Renditions by Reesa

I am so pleased to be introducing our readers and customers to Reesa Qualia, the wonderfully talented artist that creates all of the artwork for the Renditions by Reesa children’s artwork line.  A true pioneer in the children’s art industry, Reesa was also one of the first artists  featured on Rosenberry Rooms, and remains at the top of the list of our most popular artists!   Reesa’s art is unique not only in style, but also in the fact that every piece is hand painted, giving each an original look and feel.  In addition, Reesa’s art touches on all of the popular children’s themes, while covering all of the classic and current color and style trends, providing an amazing selection of art for suitable for any child’s room.  Whether it’s a modern bird, a basketball, a cowboy or a bunny in a field, all Renditions by Reesa designs (though varied), remain true to her core style, making each piece a distinctive Renditions by Reesa creation.

Reesa has consistently built upon her line of artwork by adding great coordinating pieces such as growth charts, wall hangings, framed art and wall plaques, among others, allowing for a fantastic assortment of coordinating choices within her collections.  Reesa is constantly creating and adding to the Renditions by Reesa collection, at a tireless pace.  Every year Reesa’s collection grows immensely, keeping us on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’s next, and we are never disappointed.   Our customers love Renditions by Reesa, and so does everyone here at Rosenberry Rooms!  I hope you enjoy learning more about Reesa in her interview below.

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Renditions by Reesa artwork style?

Classical with a touch of whimsy

What inspired you to become an artist and start a business?

I have always been interested in art since a young age.  By the time I was in high school, I knew I would study art in college.  I was painting custom art and murals at the age of 28 when I decided to start Renditions by Reesa.

Why did you choose to design for children’s rooms?

At the time there was not much art available to buy to decorate a child’s room- you could only find what was done by a local artist.  I painted a lot of murals because people couldn’t find art to buy.  I painted the same murals over and over, so I decided to come up with a way to reproduce my art on canvas and make it available to a larger group of people.  I was the first in the kids business to come up with the idea to have my originals reproduced on canvas.  Only posters and prints were available at the time.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?

Getting an email from someone telling me how much they love the art and how it has completed their child’s room.  I love it when they send photos of the room!

Do you have any advice for other working moms?

You must learn to set aside time for your family.  Whatever is going on, you must forget about it and dedicate that time to your family. When you own your own business there is always something that needs to be done.  It took me a few years to realize that I will never be caught up at work.  You do what must be done and have certain days or hours of the day that you set aside for your family.

If you had to pick a favorite piece from your collection, what would it be?

The Snuggly Bunny, Snuggly Puppy and Snuggly Duck set

What sets the Renditions by Reesa art apart from other children’s art?

Definitely our quality sets us apart.  Our designs are hand painted by a talented team of artists in Sri Lanka.  Most of the other canvases available are prints on canvas.  When you feel the texture and brush strokes, you know it is something unique and hand made.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

We are so excited about our new Imagination Squares.  I am just beginning to show them this summer and they will be available in September.  They are a grouping of 12”x12” canvases.  The customer can mix and match their own grouping of colors and designs to create their own unique collection of art.  You might hang 2 or maybe even 12 together as a set to complete your room.  

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food anything Italian

Favorite TV Show The New Adventures of Old Christine and Two and a Half Men  I want to watch something that will relax me and make me laugh.

Favorite Movie Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite Weekend Activity swimming with my boys

Favorite Band Maroon 5

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