Making the Baby Checklist

You know you have a baby on the way, it suddenly seems as if everyone you know is your best friend and has tons of advice to give – from the BEST burp cloths to which diapers NEVER leak, to what you absolutely CANNOT live without (like a wipes warmer…which you CAN live without!) Amidst all of this overwhelming (albeit sincere) advice, the parents-to-be can often hit overload pretty quickly. A good way to combat this inevitable process is to make a list of essentials in order of importance, and then revise it several times until you have eliminated all the “extra fluff” that works its way onto the paper. Something that has becoming increasingly common is to set up a wish list right away (Rosenberry Rooms has this option – see here – so as you peruse, simply add things to your wish list…very easy and very helpful). You then can give the information to family and friends so that they know what your color scheme, style, and needs really are and purchase gifts accordingly. The best part is that you can continue to add to the list, allowing you to guide gift-givers for holidays and birthdays as well! Here are a few things for baby that should definitely be on your list (I am completely skipping over all the furniture…I think those items are pretty obvious!):

Baby Carrier / Sling – do not go without one! Baby slings are so stylish and hip, not to mention practical – starting with your newborn, they will give you a hands-free day allowing you to keep baby close and snug while you actually accomplish things around the house. Many also have a weight limit of 35-40 lbs giving you many years of use. Think of a baby carrier or sling as another set of hands, which every new mom and dad need when taking care of baby. I think the style and versatility of Rockin’ Baby Slings make them one of my favorite lines. Look at their Love is All Around Sling…for the stylish new mama!


Keepsake Box – everyone wants to store all those little things, like the hospital bracelets, first lock of hair, etc, so be sure to put this on your wish list. You don’t want to realize a few weeks after baby is home, that you don’t have any place to put all of these “memories” and the last thing you will want to do at that point is start looking for one. Check out this Star Keepsake Box …just perfect for a little boy and its vintage flair gives it even more appeal.


Picture Frame – although you will eventually need more than one frame, be sure to get one special frame for the first picture of baby. That will be something that your baby will love to have handed to them when they are older and something they can have for the rest of their lives. There are so many different frames out there to choose from, but one that stands out to me is this Bella Rose Keyhole Picture Frame because of its elegance. This can work for either a baby boy or baby girl, and will fit right into any nursery theme.


Baby Bouncer – the perfect solution when mom and dad need a quick moment, a baby bouncer will keep your little one happy and truly content. Their portability is a life saver too, when you go to visit friends or family, bring it along and not only will baby stay comfy, but it will be very familiar to them in an unfamiliar place. When baby is happy, mom and dad get to relax (for a little while, at least!). This Chocolate and Turquoise Baby Bouncer by Svan is fantastic because it has reclining options, which make it suitable for naps and feeding.


There are many more things that baby needs, so I will let you go and get your list together! Check out this fun category on Rosenberry Rooms that highlights some great baby gift ideas…you may come across something new and interesting that you would love to have.

Adriana Dehring

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