Earth-Friendly Designer Décor for Kids

Everyone seems to be thinking a little “greener” these days, which is a definite step in the right direction; for this reason, many online retailers are highlighting their “green” companies so that is it easy for customers to shop. Rosenberry Rooms has an entire section dedicated to Earth-friendly designers who offer great options if you want to do a little something for the Earth while decorating for your little one. You will find quite a few designers and products from bedding to diaper bags, strollers, and even art. I am going to list a few of my favorites below for you to see how easy it is to shop for your child and remain Earth-friendly at the same time.

Amenity – They offer great nature-themed artwork in various sizes, already stretched or as a flat canvas. I love their group of organic wall art like the Woodlands Squirrel Stretched Organic Cotton Wall Print. The materials are all-natural: 300 thread count certified organic cotton, printed with non-toxic, water-based and eco-friendly dyes. Even beyond how natural this artwork is, the images themselves are a bit nostalgic in style, like something from your grandmother’s house. Amenity also offers crib sets, blankets, and floor pillows, so be sure to look at their complete line – you will love it!

Argington – This company provides environmentally friendly children’s products with sustainable design and manufacturing. They have children’s furniture that is sleek and modern with their highest priority being longevity and reusability – adjustable, convertible, and multifunctional pieces that can grow with your child and be passed on to the next child. Their Babylon Highchair is so fun and versatile – it supports up to 200 lbs in weight and can adjust from coffee table to bistro height. They have fantastic colors to choose from and great add-ons like cushions and trays, allowing you to purchase exactly what you need. This is just the beginning of Arginton’s amazing children’s furniture line which includes cribs, beds, bunk beds, nightstands, bookcases, and toy boxes. Oh, and don’t forget their organic bedding options as well!


Baby Planet – They have a few ways in which they promote conservation, including their stroller recycling program that allows you to send your used strollers and other baby gear to either be donated or recycled. Now that is green thinking! Their Endangered species line of strollers is not only great-looking, but helps bring attention and financial help to these endangered species and their habitats through the Wildlife Conservation Society. My personal favorite is the Snow Leopard Stroller because of the tasteful animal print…so fun!


You can shop these great designers and more on Rosenberry Rooms…check out all of their Environmentally Friendly Children’s Products for amazing options in children’s décor that are Earth-friendly! Happy decorating!
Adriana Dehring

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