Baby’s First Bed – Moses Baskets, Cradles and Bassinets

I wanted to highlight some of the options parents have for adorable Moses baskets, cradles, and bassinets, since these are the first things that will greet baby home from the hospital. Not everyone I know opts for these “first beds” but there are definite advantages to each of them, which I want to highlight.

Moses baskets are amazing because of their portability and how they keep baby snug and comfy wherever you are. You can safely sleep baby in a Moses basket until about 15 lbs which is a decent amount of time to justify the purchase. They are one of the best transitions for baby because they feel secure and safe, and they are great for mom because they move from bedroom to living room to basement with ease. Obviously you shouldn’t do things like carry baby in the Moses basket, set it on the edge of a bed, etc…but other than those obvious safety issues, a Moses basket is a wonderful first bed and great gift option for any new parent. Look at this adorable Etoile Green Moses Basket by Hoohobbers, perfect for either baby boy or girl – you get a duvet style washable bumper, pillow sham-like sheet, basket pad and blanket. Plus, you have the option to personalize it and purchase a matching doll basket!


Another option to greet baby home is a cradle, which always makes me think of life a couple of generations ago. Can’t you just picture your grandmother or great-grandmother knitting and gently rocking baby in a cradle with her foot? There is something very nostalgic for me about cradles, but that doesn’t mean they do not have a place for modern day parents. Cradles usually take a baby through to around 25 lbs, which makes them the perfect partner to a Moses basket. Again, one of the benefits is that they are still small enough to make baby feel safe and cozy, but they also are a great space saver. If you plan on having baby in your room initially, a crib often is large and takes up too much room for the temporary placement, so opting for a cradle is much more convenient for mom and dad. You don’t have to rearrange your entire room and almost as portable as a Moses basket. I love this greenEarth Sleigh Cradle by Green Frog Art – it is sleek and classy and completely Earth-friendly!


Lastly, I will mention bassinets which are basically a cross between a Moses Basket and a cradle. While cradles are built like mini cribs, bassinets are usually completely closed in and many actually are built with wheels, making them very easy to move from room to room. One of my favorite bassinets is the Cortina Bassinet set which looks so plush a cozy, I am sure any baby would sleep wonderfully.


Check out the Moses Baskets, Cradles, and Bassinet that Rosenberry Rooms offers. You will find traditional and modern styles and everything in the middle – guaranteeing that you will find the perfect first bed for baby.

Adriana Dehring

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