Update Your Child’s Room for Summer

Over the weekend, my husband and I were outside with the girls, trying to stay cool with a couple of beers when we acknowledged that summer is indeed upon us. The mornings are no longer cool and breezy and you can’t even think of stepping outside without sunscreen or you will be well on your way to a lobster-like hue. Somehow all of this seems to have happened overnight and now I am scrambling to lighten up the décor in my daughters’ room with fresh and summer-like pieces. Obviously I don’t want to completely redo their room…that will happen when we transfer our youngest out of the crib in a year or so, but it needs a little lift for now. I was on the hunt to find practical (can these things be used in a year when we rearrange?) and affordable (does this fit our budget?) pieces of décor that will bring a sense of summer to my girls’ bedroom.

There are an endless number of ways to quickly update your child’s room without completely redecorating. I chose to focus on three areas of their room that I thought would make the biggest impact: Bedding, Window Treatments, and Wall Décor. For the bedding, I already have solid pale pink crib sheets, so I just left those as is, but for our older daughter’s bed, I wanted to ditch the princess sheets (very cute, but a little heavy in color) and replace them with something predominantly white with just a hint of some pink in a subtle design. I also changed out the throw pillow (princess themed) and brought in one that again is mostly white with just a hint of pink in stenciled flowers here and there. The window treatments were definitely too heavy (fabric and color) for summertime and so I went with a lightweight fabric that gave the room much more open and airy feel. Lastly, I chose to update some of their wall art with a new canvas that really livens up their space. My decision to update their art was more of an excuse to purchase another great piece of kid’s art, but I still think it is a great design trick to alter the look of a room. A new piece of art immediately changes the amount of bare wall space so your eye travels around the room in a different pattern than it did before. Just think of when you moved into your first apartment and were haunted by the seemingly endless white walls all around…then you hung some art and next thing you know, it has become a completely different place.

So, after these small changes to my girls’ room – the sheet set and throw pillow, window treatments, and a new piece of art – what a difference! Their room is so fresh and it just feels like summer…truly amazing. If you think your child’s room needs some change, I would suggest looking around and pick three things that stand out the most…chances are those define the overall look and feel of the room. By updating those three things you will add a new twist without a complete overhaul. Here are some décor pieces from Rosenberry Rooms that I think are perfect for a simple summer update for your child’s room or nursery:

Melon Penny Dot Sheet Set…simple with just enough punch of color:


Monogram Framed Painted Letters…these are so fresh and they have several color options you can choose:


Classic Wooden Block Wall Clock…I can’t decide what is better – the color or style…love it:


Now that the girls’ room is done, I really need to tackle mine…

Adriana Dehring

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