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I recently wrote about Regina Nouvel, “the artist half” of the Doodlefish duo, and now I am pleased to be writing about Christine Senkiewicz, the bedding designer who makes up the other half of this successful team.  Christine designs all of the bedding, window treatments, and coordinating accessories for the Doodlefish designer bedding and décor line.  Doodlefish is such a unique and incredible company because it brings together two very successful and talented women who work together in perfect cohesiveness to create a whole room look for your nursery or child’s room.

Christine has impeccable taste and a great style that is almost hard to put your finger on.  I love the fact that you can’t really “label” her style, as I think that is a real asset to her line.  Is it whimsical, sophisticated, classic, cottage, modern, playful or elegant?  Yes, it is all of these things and more.  Christine manages to offer the theme room look, without being over the top and or “too cliché” as she mentions.  So, yes you can do an airplane, western or ballerina themed room, and create a fun and imaginative environment for your child, that is in keeping with the overall style and aesthetic of your home. Doodlefish designs enable parents to decorate tastefully with high end, exquisite linens and coordinating room décor, which is still down to earth and fun for kids.  As a customer, you also have the freedom to include embroidered panels on the crib bumpers if you are leaning towards a more thematic look, or if you are looking for a versatile and understated look, you can opt not to include them.

Aside from the great look and feel of the Doodlefish line of bedding and décor, as Christine points out in her interview, the quality is second to none.  The superior fabrics used and the quality workmanship make the final product outstanding.  Doodlefish offers an extensive collection of pre-designed sets, but Christine is also able to custom design anything…the sky’s the limit.   So, have fun, and liven up your child’sDoodlefish Regal Glider by Little Castle - Loose Cushion space with a Doodlefish design!

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Doodlefish style philosophy?
Doodlefish is a warm combination of cottage and modern styles with a whimsical twist.  We design our juvenile and infant products with the entire home in mind.  Our theory is each room in the home should be a contribution to the entire home’s style and aesthetic.  Our style follows today’s color and style trends without being too trendy, too traditional or too cliché baby and kids.  Our style walks that thin line of traditional longevity and current trend appeal.  We want a child’s room to bring joy to Mom, Dad and most important the child.

What inspired you to become a designer and start a business?
That is a good question…I didn’t intend to be a designer or start a business – that is the funny part.  I taught myself embroidery and digitizing as a hobby when I left a corporate marketing job when I had my son Andrew.  Then I started doing small projects for a local boutique and it just evolved naturally.  I started with embroidering monograms, then embroidering Regina Nouvel’s characters on crib bedding and before I knew it I was in the bedding business with a great friend and business partner.  Regina is the artist that creates all Doodlefish characters and artwork.

Why did you choose to design for children’s rooms?
Childrens’ rooms are fun — there isn’t a more joyful room in the house!    Children’s’ rooms allow you total design freedom and encourage imaginative and creative designs. Where else can you have fuzzy purple fabric, smiling turtles, rhinestones, ballerina butterflies and dogs flying airplanes?

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding?
My favorite part is designing a nursery or child’s room.  People are always in a great mood when they are designing their child’s room – and why not – it’s fun!   Nurseries are extra fun because the new parents and grandparents are so excited and happy.

Do you have any advice for other working moms?
Yes, and it is the same advice I give myself when things get crazy.
“Take the time to enjoy your child – take a break when they need you – enjoy the day to day things in life”.  After all, no one ever reached the age of 80 and said with regret that they wished they had worked more.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be?
My favorite is the Rose Garden Crib set.  I love the balance of the modern floral print with the ruffled crib skirt and polka dot sheet and ties.  It just makes me smile.

What sets Doodlefish apart from other children’s bedding and decor designers?
Our quality – hands down!  We work very hard to offer quality at an affordable price.  We offer lined skirts with longer skirt drops, window treatments and customization – after all, sometimes you just need it your way.  Also, we use premium grade fabrics – unlike other manufacturers who use sheeting material that can wear quickly and wrinkle.  Second, our customer service, I can proudly say that we have never missed a deadline or disappointed a customer that needed something a certain way or by a certain time.

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line?

Of course – there is always something exciting going on!  This summer we will be introducing a quilted comforter option for our juvenile bedding designs.    Also, look for new designs too!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food – Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Yum!
Favorite TV Show – Sex in the City – but now it is Entertainment Tonight (guilty pleasure)
Favorite Movie – Hot Rod (it is ridiculous – but so funny!)
Favorite Weekend Activity – Sleeping
Favorite Band – Jason Mraz

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