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Best-Selling Boys Bedding – Organic Dinosaur Crib Bedding

Having and 8 year old and a 10 year old I have started to miss the baby phase. Luckily, several of my friends have recently had babies or are expecting. This gives me an excuse to peruse the wonderful selections of crib bedding that is now available. I haven’t had to think about or buy baby things in quite awhile and I am amazed at the colors, fabrics and designs that I have to choose from. In particular, boys crib bedding has come along way. I remember only a few choices when my son was an infant and now there are thousands of amazing boys crib bedding patterns that make it a hard, but wonderful decision! I remember placing my infant son into his crib at night and just standing over him, watching him sleep. The imprint of his light blue sheets and train design crib border is forever engrained in my memory. Every time I think of him snuggled into his crib amongst the soft blue bedding, I can smell that wonderful baby smell again. I want to give my girlfriend that same kind of joy when she looks over her sleeping baby. I want her memory to permanently imprint with that beautiful sight.

I have been scouring the best-selling boys crib bedding selections and found this adorable crib set that is the perfect setting for these memories – Organic Crib Bedding Set – Dinosaur by Argington.


 This best-selling boys crib bedding has soft blue dinosaur print with a reversible comforter printed with dinosaur tracks. Some of the dinosaur designs are nose to nose as if playing. When I look at this luxurious crib bedding set, a sense of warmth and comfort comes over me. Other great features are that this set is 100% certified organic cotton sateen, 220 thread count, which means that no herbicides or pesticides have been used in production. The prints are done with low impact dyes using a low impact printing process. Comforters, bumpers, and pillows have 100% cotton fill. The fabric texture is smooth to the skin and remarkably soft. And above all….it is all natural. Organic crib bedding set includes:

1 reversible comforter (36″ x 50″)
1 reversible bumper
1 fitted sheet
1 crib skirt

And, of course, I love the FREE SHIPPING on this items offered by Rosenberry Rooms.

I hope that my girlfriend will experience the love and beauty nestled into this organic crib dinosaur bedding that I have forever in my memories.


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– Amber

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