Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Crib

venetian-crib2I don’t think I can stress how important the crib purchase is for both baby and parents alike. Obviously it will be baby’s first “official” bed (I exclude cradles and Moses baskets bc they are so temporary), however it also will be one of the few pieces of furniture that mom and dad will have to utilize every day for many months and probably years. So, not only should it be sturdy and get an “A+” in the area of safety standards, it should also be the right fit for the parents who are purchasing it. Here are a couple of things to think about (if you haven’t already) that will hopefully make it easier for you to make this first and all-important decision.

1. Consult Your Wallet First
We all want to imagine that when we start prepping for baby, we will not have any restrictions and only the best will do. And, to an extent all these things are all true however, let’s also be honest. The crib is just one part of what you need to purchase for baby, so a practical look at the big picture will help you set a realistic and feasible price point…just be sure to stick to it. I would say that cribs fall into these three price ranges:  under 500.00; 500-900.00; 900.00 and up.

hampton-pointe-marimba-espresso12. Focus on Quality
I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, however I don’t think you have to spend a grand on a crib in order to get a quality piece of furniture  (hey, if you can and you want to, then go for it!) Use your good judgment to see if it has the features of quality furniture (the same standards you would use for the rest of your home). If you don’t trust your judgment, then look at a few cribs that fall in the middle price range that I gave (500.00-900.00) and see what structural features they have – then compare to ones you may have on your list and see how they add up.

3. Realize Your Options
The first and obvious option you have is a choice between wood, iron, or combination wood and metal crib. Beyond that, there are a couple of other great options that you may not be aware of, like choosing a convertible (also called lifetime or built to grow) cribs which are basically an all-in-one…first a crib, then a toddler bed, then a twin or full bed. You can also decide to really break with tradition and purchase a round or oval crib instead of the typical rectangular.

4. Forget Trekking All Over Town
manhattan-crib1Before you start running all over town especially since you probably already have a large belly, stop to think how much easier it would be to do your preliminary shopping online. You can get a feel for what is out there, and even email different merchants to get more product details all from the comfort of your couch! Then once you have all of the information, you can decide which crib fits your specific needs. Just remember to ask any questions you may have – it is the job of online retailers to have a vast knowledge of their products, so you might as well tap into that and make a well-informed decision.

All that being said, be sure to have fun and enjoy the experience! Too many things can get stressful during the preparations for baby, so I hope these little “tips” will make this one aspect just a little bit easier!

Adriana Dehring

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