Create a Sports-Themed Room with Style

Most boys will begin to show an interest in one sport or perhaps many from a very young age. Then, they start to play, watch college and pro ball and slowly create a list of favorite teams, players, and coaches. Given this typical cycle for boys, it makes sense that one of the most common themes for boy’s room is sports. What I would like to do is give you some great options when it comes to decorating with this type of theme. Too often I think parents shy away from a sports theme because they don’t think it can be done in a tasteful or appealing way. By keeping it simple and focusing on bringing the sports theme out in the accents, I think you will find it very easy to please both parent and child.

To begin, I would suggest you use a neutral color on the walls – a khaki or taupe is always good. You could also use a basic color such as blue, however stay with tones that are still neutral – for example a darker and deeper tone like navy or if you prefer a lighter color, look for paler denim. Either of these will allow the walls to remain subtle and merely a backdrop for the rest of the décor. These types of paint choices also help keep the room mellow and less chaotic than if you were to go with a brighter or bolder color. However, if you (or your little boy) feel drawn to a bright and bold color, consider painting just one accent wall and keeping the rest in the more subtle tone – it will add great visual interest without becoming too busy.

Bedding is another area where you may want to play it “safe” if you will. A duvet and sham set that is solid or very close to solid will get more mileage because if themes or passions change, it can stay. You will focus on bringing about the theme – in this case, sports – with the sheets, accent pillows, and a throw or blanket. Check out this Cole bedding set by Serena & Lily…a little bit of pattern and texture still doesn’t take away from the overall simplicity and neutral tones:


With those two large focal points of the room taken care of, you can really have some fun. Things like lighting fixtures, accent pieces and art are great places to really bring out the sports theme. Just because your little guy is a die-hard Jets fan, doesn’t mean that every square inch of the room should look like a Jets locker room. Keep the big things (wall color and bedding) neutral and subtle and go wild with all the details. The result will be a room filled with the teams and sports he loves, while you have a room that remains coherent with the rest of the house. Here are some examples of great unique sports themed pieces which I think any boy would love:

Sports Bookcase:


Hockey Pendant:

Sports Growth Chart:


Vintage Sports Wood Sign:

Soccer Alarm Clock:

Michigan Rocking Chair:


Don’t stop with these – be sure to check out all the other sports themed décor pieces  on Rosenberry Rooms. Happy Decorating!

Adriana Dehring

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  1. juleswirth says:

    a great way to decorate a room is with istickups and They are stickers that come in all types such as sports theme, underwater theme, princess theme, and much more. The stickers peel of easy and don’t take paint with them, they also can be stuck up again and again!!

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