All American Kid's Decor…

In honor of Memorial Day, I thought I would focus on some great kids décor that is, well, very “American” if you will. Not that you are going to suddenly drape your child’s nursery in red, white and blue, but for those of you who like that look or theme, or for those who may want to have a splash of patriotism here and there, I have found there are some very interesting and tasteful children’s décor options. I also think that if your child or a relative has their birthday around the 4th of July, these could be some fun ideas for birthday gifts that would be really special.

First of all, check out this great nightlight. It is so cute and simple, and can work for both boys and girls. I am a firm believer that every nursery needs a nightlight, so why not go with something that makes a statement, but isn’t too much.


Next, is a great area rug – this would be so great in a little boy’s room. The bold and strong colors are very masculine and this doesn’t have to be the overall theme of the room. A friend of mine has superhero posters in simple wood frames on the walls for her son and the colors in this rug would coordinate perfectly…don’t be afraid of mixing themes, as long as the color scheme blends, it will look great.


I absolutely love these bookends for a bedroom or playroom. They are slightly distressed which makes them seem like something grandpa may have made himself. Any piece of décor with a nostalgic feel to it will make your child’s room stand out among others.


Lastly, this picture frame is a great find, and can really go anywhere in your home to proudly display the image of a parent, sibling, relative or good friend that has done more that their part in protecting and defending our land.


There are so many more great Americana décor pieces on Rosenberry Rooms that you will just have to peruse through all of them yourself. Don’t forget, these make great gifts and hold a little bit more sentiment and meaning behind them than your ordinary décor. Happy Memorial Day!

Adriana Dehring

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