Since I’m on the Nature Kick…

juliette-bed-crown1After my last entry that was inspired by nature, I couldn’t help but continue along the same theme. I am truly stuck on spring these days and even more stuck on one of the key colors that we find in nature – green. The color green embodies everything fresh and new and is the one color that we see all around us. Green goes with everything, and that is why I absolutely love it. When it comes to decorating, the same holds true. Green is actually a sort of neutral that can be used instead of brown, black, tan or ivory, and by changing the shade slightly you can span every design style. It is versatile enough to go from a vintage and classic look (sage) to the other extreme of modern and trendy (lime).

I have found myself drawn lately to the tone of green that sits right in the middle of these two – some designers would call it leaf, others celery, grass, mint, sprout or pistachio. It is a modern take on a classic color – not quite lime but not as muted as sage – and in my opinion, the perfect color green. It’s a little sassy, a little brighter and a lot more interesting. Not only that, you see it everywhere you look especially at this time of the year. Some of the great color combinations used with green are: green / white (so fresh), green / pink (always great), green / blue (incredibly soothing), green / chocolate (modern touch), or green / orange (eclectic). These span everything you need when decorating for your child: bedding, playroom essentials, wall art, and other décor. Here are some rooms that reflect the different color combinations that I mentioned above…I think they would make any child and parent oh so happy…enjoy!

Green and White Playroom
Table and Chair Set
Play Mat
Hanging Picture Frame
Outlet Cover
Art Easel

Green and Pink Nursery – Kate Crib Set & Accessories by Serena & Lily
Crib Bedding
Boudoir Pillow
Lamp and Shade
Fabric by the Yard

Green and Blue
Hanging Frame

Green and Chocolate Bedroom – Fresh Greens by Three Little Ziglets
Desk and Chair
Mural Banner
Doll High Chair
Toy Box

Green and Orange

So if you find yourself inspired and caught up in the feelings of spring as I have, I hope you will branch out and buy a little something green to spruce up your child’s space. They will love it and so will you. Look for even more great green combinations that Rosenberry Rooms offers you.

Adriana Dehring

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