It's the Little Things

We have always been told that painting is the cheapest and quickest way to update your decor. But what if you don’t want to re-paint the room? What if you still love the color (and so does your very picky child)? What other options do you have for quick and inexpensive decorating updates? There are actually tons of little ways to update your child’s decor. Since design is in the details, you should focus on the details to bring about change – throw pillows, drawer knobs, lighting, shades, rug, and window treatments are just a few of the quick and wallet-friendly options that can change the entire look and feel of the bedroom or nursery. Since everyone is looking for ways to save a little money, it is smart to make some small yet significant changes around your child’s room – you will be amazed at how fresh everything seems and they will have the excitement of something new and interesting to look at every day.
This Red Letter Pillow would be the perfect addition to any boy’s bedroom – just enough color to stand out, yet simple and fresh. And I think the use of a lowercase letter for the personalization keeps it youthful and fun.


I often forget about outlet covers (and I’m sure most of you do as well), because they are just not that interesting, BUT look at how cute this Small Whimsy Flowers Switchplate / Outlet Cover is. What little girl wouldn’t love this added little touch of charm in her room?


Another often forgotten detail is drawer knobs and pulls. There are so many that I think are awesome, but one of my favorite for boys is the Distressed Boat Pulls. Just replacing the knobs on your little guys desk or dresser will completely refresh and revive those furniture pieces and make his room a little more exciting.


With this Ella Elephant Nightlight, you can cast just enough light in the nursery during the long night hours, and in the daytime, it is like a mini canvas. So, it is functional and a piece of art all in one…what’s not to love?!


This adorable Airplane Hand Painted Wall Plaque is a great alternative to add a little color, interest and artwork for a little boy’s room or nursery. Don’t forget this would also make a great gift as well.


So, as you can see, it doesn’t take huge changes or expensive pieces to update decor for your little girl or boy. Just focus on updating or adding a few details and you will successfully change the look and feel of the bedroom or nursery. Rosenberry Rooms has such an amazing selection of great kid’s décor pieces that are affordable and truly perfect for a quick “lift” for your child’s room…have fun and shop around until you find the perfect pieces. Trust me, they are there!

Adriana Dehring

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