Fun, Earth-Friendly, & Hip Playroom Furnishings

Having recently celebrated Earth Day, I wanted to focus on a great kids’ product line that gives you all the pieces needed to create an earth friendly and oh so hip playroom for your kids. When I first saw ecotots’ art easel I was actually jealous that I was no longer a kid…then I took a deep breath and thought perhaps I should buy it for my own kids and live vicariously through them even though that isn’t quite as fun. Either way, I think if you are looking for great products that are earth-friendly, very unique but still sturdy and well-made then the ecotots line is for you. Made in the USA, non-toxic and water-based stains, no tools assembly, and a lifetime construction guarantee are just a few highlights of this line. I was drawn in not only by the art easel, but the color of their “leaf” finish. Obviously I have a thing for green, so this is no surprise, but I also think all four of their color choices actually enhance the line – they are the best combination of fresh and unique with just enough touch of modern.

The ecotots line covers all the basic pieces you are probably looking for like a table and chairs set, desk, step stool, and bookshelf. But they also have some really fun and different pieces like their art easel, locker, book caddy and surfboard growth chart. Personally, I am picturing my girl’s playroom now, and these are the pieces that I would love to see in there (all in leaf, of course, but I will show you examples of their other finishes so you get more of an idea of their full line!):

Art Time Easel – so they can express themselves and let their inner artist shine:


Sideboard Storage Unit – hopefully to help keep things organized and clean:


Project Table and Stool Set – I love that they have stools, not chairs…so much easier for kiddies to move around and get in and out:


Bonsai Book Caddy – to house all of their favorite books:


Beach Locker – to hang their art smocks and store their art supplies in some cool metal tins:


Be sure to check out the complete ecotots line on Rosenberry Rooms as well as all the other Earth-Friendly products they offer…

Adriana Dehring

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