Bring Nature Inside with Kids Decor

I had a really hard time deciding what to write about which is unusual since typically I have the ability to talk about anything for long periods of time. But this past week I had nothing…I remained completely blank. Then for dinner last night, my DH and I decided to grill and eat on the deck while the girls played in their water table. The weather was perfect…it had been in the 70s and it was still warm and breezy. I started to realize how loud it was. Not annoying-neighbor-kids-loud, but “nature loud” with all the sounds that I have been missing during the winter months: birds, squirrels, bugs, bees, and the wind rustling the budding leaves. Suddenly I realized how all of this seemed to have happened overnight. The trees behind us are no longer just sticks and twigs waiving to us like the makeshift arms of a child’s snowman…they are soft and feathery with the new leaves covering them from top to bottom. The sounds of nature mixed with the feeling of the warm breeze made me happy and gave me inspiration.

There is something incredibly calming about the sights and sounds of nature, so why not bring that into our décor at any chance we have? When we decide to decorate for ourselves or our children, we are careful to choose the colors, pieces and styles that we need but also ones that make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Everything about nature is soothing and relaxing – why do you think so many of us spend the money on machines that reproduce the sounds of nature for us right inside our home? Visually there is no difference. To enhance your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom, I would suggest bringing in elements that reflect and remind us of nature – the end result will be a more calm and serene environment. It doesn’t matter what your décor may be because a simple light fixture, canvas print, throw pillow or area rug will be just enough to bring nature inside without distracting from your décor.

Some of my favorite pieces are this great Sarah Bird Lamp – I love the simplicity of the all-white color that allows you to focus on the design which gives any room just enough nature-inspired whimsy. Another option for lighting is the hand painted Ava Double Scalloped Chandelier which would be so sweet and delicate in a little girl’s nursery or bedroom. Some great options for kid’s rugs are the Owl Tree Rug and the Blue Dragonfly Rug which offer just enough color and such great visual interest that your kids room will truly stand out. Don’t forget the details like these Garden Critters Drawer Knobs, Small Whimsy Flowers Switch Plate, and Caterpillar Bookends. Each of those pieces gives little sprinkles of nature here and there throughout your child’s room.

Then we come to art – I could spend hours and list pages of art that is amazing and nature-inspired, but I will control myself and just give you a small handful. The Black Butterfly Canvas is eclectic and intense but still simple which is an amazing combination, and the All A Twitter set of 6 is a great image that visually draws you in with the individual canvases. The Fly Society Wallcandy wall stickers allow you to create your very own modern aviary without the mess and this Ladybug Vintage Wooden Sign looks like something that had been passed down for generations. There is bedding, blankets, step stools and even a mobile – so many ways to bring nature inside where it can sooth, calm, inspire both you and your child. The lists could literally go on and on…

Be sure to look through all the nature-themed options that Rosenberry Rooms has to offer you for great kid’s decor and accessories. Remember that it doesn’t take much to change the look and feel of a room, so keep it simple and keep it nature-inspired and you will have created a serene and beautiful space for your child.

Adriana Dehring

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