The Colors of Spring

If you’re like me this time of year, suddenly there is a little more bounce in your step and you can’t stop thinking … Spring is here!! This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your little one’s space with a couple of cute throw pillows or perhaps the perfect children’s bedding collection for the finishing touch to renew and refresh their style. You don’t always have to completely redecorate to bring new life to your space… and seriously, who has the time?! Bringing in small kid’s decorative items that make you feel revived is just as effective.

Now, onto what I truly love… COLOR. Color is the most ingenious way to directly affect our sub-conscious or ‘inner’ nature….and this Spring make no mistake about it, color is truly reborn. I would classify the decorating style of Spring 2009 as solid but serene. It is a season of romance and fairytales with touches of the exotic sprinkled with butterflies and gems for an overall sophisticated look. In saying this, don’t think that this season is just for the girls. There are countless ways to freshen up a boy’s room by balancing light and airy fabrics… such as soft cotton or sheers with more solid materials, such as denim. Don’t be afraid to add a little fringe for a touch of whimsy and class.

Focusing on color, think diffused, pale and faded, really playing into the romantic essence of the look. Featured colors this season for kid’s room decor and accessories are yellow, blush, blue, lavender, dusty beige and gray neutrals … with a slightly muted attribute. Starting with yellow, focus more on subtle tones….think Canary, Amber Sun, Soft Butter, Tangerine Yellow, Golden Cornbread and Slate Yellow

For a BIG impact go for Serena & Lily’s Isabel Bedding Collection with all the matching accessories, including a Personalized Letter Pillow to add a bit of charm. This set is purely emblematic of what this season has in store for your children’s spaces!

For the perfect combo, pair this with the Ooh La La White Rug from The Rug Market, a Rosenberry Rooms top rug designer, to highlight the romantic element of your space.

Why stop there… for a touch of the exotic try combining with the Tiger Boo Pink Rug, a favorite of mine, featuring soft lines and blush tones, also a choice color for Spring.

Inspiring Idea: For something a little different, break up your child’s space by separating it into two more focused areas… a zone for sleeping and one for playing, reading or wherever their imagination may take them. Then ground each zone with an area rug. This is a fast, cost effective way to rejuvenate your child’s room, bedroom or playroom.

Looking for a modern retro meets masculine look? You have just stumbled upon a gem; like me you will find yourself lovestruck over DwellStudio’s Transportation Bedding Set. Along with so many coordinating accessories for bedroom, bathroom and on the go; you can take this contemporary look with you everywhere!

or for something a bit more subtle go with Serena & Lily’s Cole Bedding Collection!

Which brings me to blue. Beautiful blue. I love this color, not only because it is so versatile and gender friendly but also because of its exhilarating quality. This season go for denim or a lighter, sky infused blue or blue lavender.
Think stormy sky, palace blue, pacific blue, Prussian Blue
For boys, I adore the Choo Choo Chandelier in Satin Nickel. The polished look and creative concept makes this children’s ceiling fixture irreplaceable!

One of Rosenberry Rooms sweetest lighting accessories is the Blue Starburst Chandelier Shade embellished with exquisite embroidery and finished with a delicate beaded trim…. perfectly set atop a pair of Rosenberry Rooms White Double Lily Sconces handcrafted by Maura Daniel Studio in Los Angeles. The elegant petals and touches of pearl bring a flawless and timeless look, making this the perfect blue duo for this Spring!

Bring in dusty neutrals and beiges but, think outside the space. No pun intended!
Picture your little one rollin’ down the sidewalk in the Vintage Green or Vintage Pink Pedal Estate Wagon…. LOVE IT! Take your child out for a spin in a pedal car; it’s the perfect opportunity to take a cool spring walk with the family.

Not only are these pedal cars classy, they are very vintage, very retro….. American Retro that is; they are the masterminds behind these little inventions. With a variety of shapes and colors who wouldn’t adore them!
If you have a little flyer my top pick is American Retro’s Limited Edition All Chrome Pedal Airplane. Inspired by the 1941 Steelcraft U.S. Army Patrol Plane it is practically irresistible!

With almost 40 Pedal Cars & Tricycles to choose from you’re sure to find something to suit your little one!

Discover the perfect way to bring this Spring into your space with!

Ashley Griffin

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