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As a mom of two girls under the age of 3, I have come to realize that to find a product which can simplify my life (in any way) is like finding the proverbial “pot of gold”. I will also admit that I spend many hours (probably days) thinking up ways to perfect everything from baby clothing to car seat buckles to diaper bags and toy boxes…the list goes on. In the end all I end up doing is marveling at the inventiveness of others and enjoying how they have simplified, streamlined, or actually perfected the many products that moms and dads depend on every single day. Let’s focus on a specific item to prove my point: diaper bags.

Now, I am lucky enough that when I had my first baby, the market was saturated with truly amazing options for diaper bags. Endless possibilities for the expectant mom and dad – every style, color, and fabric was available. Buying a diaper bag was much like buying a purse…there was no need for me to just “settle” for a bag. I was able to think of what style I preferred, how big or compact, what colors I liked and what features I had to have. Okay, maybe it was more like buying a car. Either way, while looking for my own diaper bag, I found it interesting how many people (family, friends and even customers slightly older than myself) would tell me horror stories of how little they had available to them. Diaper Bags made from some awful material with pastel-colored schemes of ABC block patterns, rocking horses, or the word “baby” printed all over it…you get the idea. Definitely not the types of bags that would uplift a new mommy’s spirits or make her feel chic and stylish. Lets face it – any mom knows that living amidst the smells of spit up and poopy diapers while being exhausted beyond belief, all mixed with the feeling of being not-all-that-attractive just begs for baby products that will brighten our days, put a little spring in our step, and bring back our sense of being a woman. I am not suggesting that our very babies themselves don’t give us true happiness and ultimate satisfaction, and I do not mean that we NEED these products to find our sense of self…but they sure do help!

So, after listening to many bizarre tales of “back in the day” (I was waiting for someone to throw in: “and we used to walk barefoot through the snow in the middle of winter to the schoolhouse just for a few hours of lessons…”), I started to pay more attention to baby products, especially diaper bags. I became intrigued with every new designer that we started to carry and every new style that came out. What makes them different? What makes this bag special? What does this line offer that the others lack? Many times I would think that there was no way any more improvements could be made, but I would be proved wrong: wipeable and stain-resistant fabrics, a bottom that unzips so you can let out all the crumbs, wrappers and other junk that makes its way down to the bottom of your diaper bag, convertible stroller straps, anti-microbial fabric, etc. I saw diaper bags and totes get bigger and better and more functional and exciting month by month. Now, I notice yet another trend, this time towards compact, on-the-go, all-in-one mini diaper stations. This movement towards minimalism is right up my alley. I have the large, multi-compartment diaper bag that fits everything and just a bit more that we may need for a day or weekend away, but what about the quick trips to the store for milk and wipes. (Personally, I feel like I am always running to the store for milk and wipes.) What about just running a bunch of errands? Meeting up at a friend’s house for a few hours? Surely I still need my large diaper bag. Right? Maybe? Hmmm…

Truth be told, after our second daughter was born, I found myself trying to shove the least amount of things I needed under my arm or in her car seat, so that I didn’t have to bring along anything “extra”. Car seat hanging on my right arm…Left hand holding my toddler so she doesn’t run away…fumbling with keys, probably a few grocery bags, mail, phone…doesn’t leave much room for my big diaper bag. Maybe for some moms and dads, the more kids they have, the larger the bag they need. For me, it is the more kids, the more compact and economical I want things to be. I also realize now that I don’t need 5 diapers per child per hour. I also don’t need two changes of clothing, every medication I can think of, etc. Basically, I don’t have to bring my house with me every place I go. So, these smaller, simpler, “just the essentials” types of diaper bags really make me smile. They are something that I should have thought of…some that I did think of (too late, of course…because I was busy lugging around my large, large bag all over town), and some that I still think “wow, that is just awesome”. So hooray for moms and dads everywhere who don’t have to long for something better…we just get to choose our perfect color, size, shape and must haves. Because, trust me, your bag is out there.

Here are some of the top sellers of compact and on-the-go diaper bags, plus a few of my favorites as well. I hope this sparks your interest as much as mine and gives you yet another way to simplify your daily life as a mom or dad. Have fun, and check out all the other diaper bags and totes on

Pronto by Skip Hop
Be Quick by Ju Ju Be
Tobey Diaper Belt by Mia Bossi
Re Run by Fleurville
Fairfax Clutch by Reese Li
Chamelia Clutch by JP Lizzy
The Ragged Changing Pad by Rowdy
Fogg Tote by Holly Aiken
Essentials Changing Pad by JJ Cole

Adriana Dehring

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