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I used to think I was a seasoned multi-tasker, until I met Jamie Lentzner (the Jamie from Jamie’s Painting & Design). I was particularly proud of my multi tasking skills a few weeks ago when I sat on the couch nursing my newborn baby in my lap, while feeding a hot dog to my 3 year old son (seated to my left) and helping my 11 year old (seated to my right) with her home work assignment by researching the civil war on my laptop, while simultaneously exchanging instant messages with my office manager. At that moment my head swelled a little and I thought “darn I’m good”. Well, I can safely say that my abilities pale in comparison to those of Jamie Lentzner. When Jamie isn’t involved in some sort of charitable function, volunteering at her children’s school by taking on a huge art project, running her business, taking care of her kids or blogging, she is designing and creating more and more and even more designs for her ever popular line of children’s art.

Aside from the fact that Jamie is super talented and has a knack for creating children’s artwork that really strikes a chord with our customers, the sheer depth and breadth of the Jamie’s Painting & Design collection is enough to garner anyone’s respect. Jamie has managed to cover every hot color scheme and every popular children’s theme in the most sought after children’s products: birth certificate plaques, personalized name plaques, initial tiles, personalized plates and Christmas ornaments. What really sets Jamie’s products apart from those of other artists is her unique drawing style along with the medium she has chosen for her artwork. Jamie’s Painting & Design specializes in artwork on a tile surface, which is brilliant because the artwork can never fade, always maintains its beautiful glossy surface and best of all it can easily be stored and then passed down from generation to generation.

Three years ago when I gave birth to my son Sebastien, Jamie sent me one of her signature Birth Certificate Plaques as a gift, which is a 6” X 8” ceramic tile that hangs from a beautiful ribbon, and features all of the essential information: baby’s name, birth weight, length, date of birth and time of birth. I just loved it, not only because it made a sweet addition to my nursery, but because I cherished the fact that it was a true keepsake that I could give to Sebastien when he grew up and that he could pass along to his children, as well. In this day and age when it seems that we have all become slightly addicted to shopping at the mass merchandisers for the low cost and convenience, this sort of lasting and unique treasure has become even more special.

Jamie’s Painting & Design covers all of the bases with their line of personalized art. Looking for the perfect new baby gift…the Birth Certificate Plaque is a huge hit and there are even great options for adopted babies and twins. Personalize your child’s room with Name Tiles – available in every theme imaginable, from nautical, sports or safari to flowers and butterflies. If you have a really long name to spell out or need some fun door décor, go for a Name Plaque . Not only are all of these options adorable, they are also affordable. Since we’re all watching our money a little closer these days, it’s nice to know that you can find top of the line art for children that won’t break the bank.

I am so excited to share Jamie’s interview with you. Jamie is not only an incredible talent in our industry, but she is a great mom, saavy business woman, and an all around FUN person with a great sense of humor. I have enjoyed getting to know her and I know you will to.

Susie Fougerousse

How would you define the Jamie’s Painting & Design artwork style? My artwork style is probably best defined as whimsical and bright. I tend to use classical images in my work, yet I also enjoy using new and fresh images that others may not actually think of as children’s artwork. I have always created cartoons, I think my background in animation comes out in my art.

What inspired you to become an artist and start a business? I was an artist from the time I was able to pick up a crayon. For punishment my mother would take my art supplies away – I was always drawing and sketching as a child. Starting Jamie’s Painting & Design came out of a need for theme based letters for my daughter’s room when she was born. I made the prototype for her room using 4 x 4 ceramic tiles and painted letters on them. I never really imagined I would own a business, but it seemed like the right direction after friends and family asked for me to create name tiles for their children.

Why did you choose to design for children’s rooms? I have a passion for children’s products, I enjoy the colors, the light and happy feeling. A child’s room should be a happy place for them, a safe haven. I find parents want to create special, theme based rooms for their children – I feel my products compliment most every theme out on the market.

What is your favorite part of your daily work … when you reflect on the day, what is most rewarding? Being able to see a product go from inception to completion, to being purchased by an excited parent, or friend. When I get a thank you from a customer – I love that they love my products. Better yet is when a child tells me how much they love my product – it makes me feel good that they have a little piece of my art in their room.

Do you have any advice for other working moms? Get help! It sounds corny and so simple – but you need to get help. Whatever it is you can not do, or do not want to do – get help. I got a cleaning lady when I started the business, and soon we had to get a Gardner because my husband was helping so much in the early years. We slowly added a sitter, and then employees. I meet so many working mother’s that do not get help and think they can do it all. The truth is no one can do it all, not well anyways.

If you had to pick a favorite design from your collection, what would it be? The one that comes to mind is my Pirate Name Plaque, I loved it right after I created it. Even after being on the market for a few years, it still sells quite well. Sometimes I am lucky and a design clicks with people. For whatever reason I think I got the Pirate Name Plaque right.

What sets the Jamie’s Painting & Design artwork collection apart from other children’s art? First of all our art is on ceramic tile – most of our competition is on canvas or wood painted letters. Second our products are not hand painted – they are my hand painted designs though. Our products will last forever, the art will not fade since it is not painted. For whatever reason the style I have developed has not been copied, after six years in business we have had designs copied but not my style. I think it stands out because of my cartoon like style is hard to copy – it is very distinct and so clearly a JPD product – don’t quote me though, maybe I am just lucky :).

Do you have any news that you would like to share, perhaps about upcoming designs or introductions to your line? Hmmm, news well we have exclusive designs for Rosenberry Rooms coming out this Spring. A very exciting product that I have been trying to bring to market for years. Our new line of “products” will be for children, to eat off of and we will be able to turn them around in a week – I don’t want to give anything else away. Second we do have some exciting Photo Tiles that should be out very soon – it is unlike anything we have seen on the market and our initial testing has been great! Of course Rosenberry Rooms will get the photos as soon as we have them!

Now…Just for Fun

Favorite Food – Mexican
Favorite TV Show – The Daily Show
Favorite Movie – The Notebook (Romance) Sixteen Candles (teenage angst) Old School (comedy)
Favorite Weekend Activity – spending time with family and getting together with friends
Favorite Band – Bowling for Soup

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