If I Only Had A Baby Sling…

I have been dealing with a very sick 10 month old for the past few days. My typically happy and laughing daughter suddenly turned into a feverish mess. Oh she still tried so hard to be happy and play, but just didn’t have it in her. I had to hold her all day, every day. She wouldn’t go to my husband who she normally loves to be held by…it was just mommy who would do. Plus, I couldn’t sit with her either, she needed me to hold her and be standing all the while. The only issue with this whole thing is that it didn’t leave me much room for anything to get taken care of. Finally today I was able to put her down for a few moments here and there so that I could get some necessary things done. I think it was day two of this all-day-holding-pattern that got me thinking about slings and baby carriers. I tried to figure out where my Baby Bjorn was…but it is still tucked away in a box in one of our closets. Plus, it really isn’t the most convenient carrier to use around the house. So, instead I “window shopped” online and found myself drooling over the amazing selection of baby slings, all the while wondering why I still don’t have one. So many incredible styles, patterns, fabrics and unique “extras”…and wow, could I use one! So here I sit, typing a few days later. The Baby Bjorn is still packed away and my sweet little girl is napping peacefully. But I still don’t own a much needed, very cool, and fashionably appealing baby sling. So, I decided to take this opportunity to let others know all of the different hip and current baby slings that are available to on the market. I hope that it will help you find the perfect one for yourself or for a friend or family member – just think what a great gift this would be for new parents!

1. Rockin’ Baby Slings

I love this line of baby slings and was initially intrigued by the great colors and patterns that they use. Then, I noticed the thing that really makes them stand out from the others: the tail. Since each of their baby slings is made from 5 yards of fabric, after it is fitted properly for baby, there will be a significant amount of “leftover” fabric that drapes down (the tail). This extra fabric can be used to shade baby from the sun, or to provide a cover for nursing. I think it is pure genius. Rockin’ Baby Slings can be worn in 5 different carrying positions and can hold up to 40 lbs (that means baby-apx 3 years old!) There is no need to worry about baby growing too large to soon – this sling will definitely get lots of use. Here are some of my favorites:

Everything is Gonna Be Alright
Somebody to Love
Give Peace a Chance

2. Peanut Shell
The great thing about this particular line of slings is that they offer you multiple sizes so that you can find the one that fits you just right. No need to adjust anything or worry about zippers or loops – simple and sleek. They also come is great colors that any mom would love to wear and are nice and compact – easy to take along with you anywhere. They will hold up to 35 lbs – giving them years of use as well. They offer some different fabric options which are all machine washable…so nice! The unique features include leg padding for baby, small pocket for essentials and a hook for attaching toys. Some of the top sellers in this line are:

Red Yoko Reversible
Squirt Micro Fleece Sling
Pink Spring Baby Sling

3. JJ Cole Collections
JJ Cole has a long list of products that are created to help make life simpler for moms and dads, and their PreMaxx sling is no exception. It is made to be worn as a sling initially and then converts to a hip hammock from 5 – 18 mos. It can adjust to fit both mom and dad and has plenty of compartments to carry your cell phone, wallet, diaper and wipes and a little more…basically it is diaper bag meets sling. One of the benefits of the PreMaxx is that it coordinates with the other amazing products that JJ Cole offers parents. So, you can have a collection of baby gear and essentials that all matches while making your life that much easier. Check out the popular color combinations they offer:

PreMaxx Sling

You can check out all of these lines and more on RosenberryRooms.com under their baby carrier and sling section. Just make sure you put a baby sling on your list of “must haves” because you definitely don’t want to be stuck at home without one when you truly need it most – like me!

Adriana Dehring

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