Goodnite Moon – Art by Liz Murphy

I know that I recently raved about Oopsy Daisy Art, and so it may seem strange that I turn right around to talk about another “must-have” artist, however the styles and feel of these two kids art lines are so different that I think it is possible to love them both just the same! Looking at each stretched canvas, wall clock and growth chart from Goodnite Moon Art by Liz Murphy is like stepping into a fairy tale. Many of her pieces are her personal interpretation of classic nursery rhymes and stories, and each one is definitely unique and truly fun for both parents and kids.

I absolutely love how she embellishes much of her artwork with materials like buttons, fabric and fringe to give them more of a 3D feel than just a flat canvas surface. I think these subtle details add to the overall whimsical nature and feel of her work. All of Liz Murphy’s art is custom made which gives her collection an added special touch that each customer will truly appreciate.

Another point to be made regarding this great line of kid’s art is that within each of her pieces, you will find so many details that will peak your interest. Every time I look at her artwork I discover something new – and how it relates to other elements within the image and to the artwork overall. I really think it is amazing that I am able to find the same canvas interesting after looking at it probably close to a hundred times. It takes a truly creative mind to accomplish that, and Liz Murphy does just that, in my opinion. I have some of her art listed below for you to check out on, and I know that you will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase one of these pieces. A Liz Murphy creation is far more than just art for your child’s wall – it is a spark for your child’s mind which is sure to get it thinking, imagining, and best of all – creating.

Cupcake Fairy Canvas
Safari Monkey Canvas
Princess on A Swing
Baseball Canvas

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