A Room Full of New Arrivals (Inc, that is)

How great is it when as a parent you are able to find everything for your child’s room in one place? New Arrivals, Inc has accomplished that, making it oh so simple to pull together your little girl’s or boy’s nursery or bedroom. They have covered everything from the essential bedding pieces to coordinating table clocks, picture frames, wastebaskets, book holders, wooden hanging wall letters, and even memo boards. Let’s take a closer look at this whimsical line of childrens décor to see what makes it so special.

Old is New Again
New Arrivals bedding, décor and gifts are a modern take on things of old. Many of their cradle and bedding sets (Sock Monkey, Flea Market, Retro Cowboy) remind me of something that my Nona would have safely tucked away in her attic just waiting for the day it could be brought back to life in her great grandchild’s bedroom. Tori Swaim, the owner and creative mind behind New Arrivals Inc, has the ability to design custom made children’s bedding that looks as if it has many stories to tell from times gone by. Vintage inspired designs combined with soft, washable fabrics create nostalgic pieces that are practical as well. Their kids décor is no exception – small details like distressing, using an antique white color instead of a bright white, and scalloped edges for shelves, frames and mirrors, all come together to create heirloom-style children’s furnishings. Put all these elements together and you suddenly have a child’s room or nursery that is timeless and unique.

YES! It All Matches
New Arrivals, Inc. takes the guesswork out of matching your child’s room décor. They have a simple yet versatile color palette of soft blues, pinks, yellows and greens that coordinate perfectly with all of their bedding. Recent additions to their line have been the ever popular chocolate/blue & chocolate/pink combinations, which are a bit more modern and trendy, while still maintaining the overall vintage feel of New Arrivals décor. All you have to do is decide which color is best, and they take care of providing the “whole room” look. The best part is that if you choose to add to your room décor at a later date, you know it will coordinate perfectly with your existing pieces!

You Can Add and Create
Beyond all of their great bedding collections, which range from cradle and crib to twin sets, all of their designer fabrics are available to purchase by the yard. Maybe you love one of their bedding sets but you would like to pull the accent fabric out just a bit more – you can create a window seat cushion, a floor pillow or even a throw…these are all great ways to add your personal and touch by using their fabric by the yard. Since all of their bedding is custom made, they also will allow you to customize any of their sets, or even create one with your own choice of fabrics – how personal and unique!

Check out the entire New Arrivals, Inc. collection on RosenberryRooms.com and you are sure to be inspired by their fabrics, colors, and signature designs. Here are some customer favorites for a sneak peek at this fabulous line of kids bedding and room décor:

Wooden Hanging Wall Letters

Pink Stripe Wooden Table Clock

Flea Market Table and Chairs

Pink Scalloped Edge Picture Frame

Wall Bookholder

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