Amazing Serena & Lily Gliders

As if Serena and Lily didn’t amaze us enough with their children’s bedding lines, they had to go and create additional décor items for the complete look: lamps, rugs, pillows, and yes, even paint. Now most companies would stop there, but for Serena and Lily, they had to truly amaze us and capture us yet again with a line of gliders. Yes, gliders – the ideal and essential piece of furniture that EVERY nursery should have.

Moms spend as much time as their little bundles of joy in the nursery that they so carefully and creatively pieced together. That is why a glider (and ottoman) is the one piece that truly is just for mom: nighttime feedings and diaper changes; the many nights when baby is sick and wants only to be held; daytime reading with all the classic first books, not to mention the other “voluntary” moments a mother (and father) spend with their little one peacefully gazing at their incredible beauty and perfection. Without a glider, a nursery is basically incomplete, and for that reason Serena and Lily wisely extended their line to include these comfy, practical and stylish furniture pieces.

Of course, each one coordinates with their bedding sets and other decorative pieces, however even if you have a completely decorated nursery unrelated to Serena and Lily the possibilities are definitely still there. The color combinations they offer are still timeless and classic although incredibly unique allowing you to choose your own special combination of fabric and piping in two fabulous styles of gliders: Ashbury and Hayes. The Hayes has a slightly lower back and rounded armrests but other than that, their construction is the same. Each glider is custom made once it is ordered, making the quality far superior than many others you will find on the market today. Meant to last for many years, Serena and Lily gliders are stylish, durable and such a treat for mom and dad while adding to the overall décor of baby’s nursery.

Check out all these great Serena and Lily gliders that can be found on along with a couple of my personal favorites listed below. Once you see all the beautiful fabric combinations that they offer, you will become a fan of everything Serena and Lily…it’s almost impossible to resist!

Serena and Lily Rex Glider
Serena and Lily Wren Glider
Serena and Lily Charlotte Glider

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