New Year, New Organization, New Ideas…

Now that we are about a month into the New Year, it is time to look back at our resolutions and check our progress. We all start out with a fresh, positive outlook believing that we can change any and every part of ourselves. One of the most common resolutions is to get organized, and I am right there with most of the world on that one. All the Christmas décor is tucked away and we are getting into Spring cleaning mode, so what better time to go one step further and find new ways to organize things? Our kids have that many more toys, trinkets and 1000 piece puzzles…we have to jump back in and reorganize everything. After having kids is when I realized that organization is definitely not a once a year deal…it is every couple of months, every week and for some things, every other day. This is a huge task for parents, especially us moms who are keeping house while taking care of our children, tending to our husband and possibly even working from home! To help us along, here are some essential products that I think you will love. They are simple and stylish ways to organize every little thing for your self and your child so that you can keep your resolution going strong through the entire year.

1. Diaper Bag
A diaper bag is absolutely essential for every mom (and dad). They come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. Diaper bags can be simple, or have more compartments than your vehicle; they can be made from anti-microbial fabric or just simple canvas; some diaper bags have glitter, some are laminated, and some have adjustable straps. There is definitely a diaper bag to suit your personal style, taste and fashion sense. With this New Year what a great time to look into a new designer diaper bag and retire the old and well used one that you just stopped reading to look at right now. I have a few personal favorites, which include Ju-Ju-Be, Mia Bossi (I own the Maria), Skooch, Diaper Dude (for dads!), and JP Lizzy. All of these designers highlight different features in a diaper bag that are essential for daily life and all present completely different styles as well. Rosenberry Rooms had a ridiculous selection of diaper bags which includes these designers among many, many others. Check out these bags and all the features they offer to help you stay organized…it’s really awesome to see just how far the diaper bag has come.
Ju-Ju-Be: Be All
Mia Bossi: Maria
Skooch: Groovy Baby
Diaper Dude: Messenger
JP Lizzy: Tote

2. Toy Box
Ahhh…toy boxes. The simple (or ornate) pieces of furniture where we hide away all the toys and noise-makers at the end of the day for a little visual relaxation until the next day begins again. What would we do without them? They are great because they too come in all sorts of sizes, colors and styles to fit the décor you already have in place. To help with staying organized this year, perhaps you should think in the way of a stylish toy box. Even if you already have one in the playroom, why not consider one in your child’s bedroom or nursery as well. You may also think that one right in your living room is the way to go as well. Here are some great options for you to look at – from custom made pieces to very playroom appropriate ones, you can keep it subtle or make a statement – either way, you will be one step further along with your organizational goals.

Relics: Toy Chest
Argington: Fuji in Walnut
Levels of Discovery: Time to Read
TreeHouse Trading Co: Toy Bin

3. Chalkboards, Corkboards, and Memo Boards
I personally loved the board that I had in my room growing up – it was of course a great way to be creative but also a way to stay organized from day to day. All my homework assignments, practices and games, and other important dates and appointments were written on the board. And the fun part was that I wrote them…much more interesting than mom or dad’s calendar! The downfall however was that it was rather boring – framed with a thin grey metal, looking much like something you would see in an office or school. It served its purpose, however, so I would recommend some type of cork, chalk or memo board for every kid. These days you have way more stylish options to choose from that will also add to the décor of your child’s room. These boards are great for any age…when kids are young, they are simply a way to be creative and artistic. As your child grows they become a way to stay organized with all the activities and assignments they have going on. Plus, when it is in their room, they are much more interested in making use of it. So, let them organize themselves and that is one less thing for you to take care of!

When I Was Your Age
New Arrivals
Newport Cottages
Custom Memo Board

4. Wall Hooks and Pegs
Now I think that wall hooks and wall pegs are just great. They are a simple way to take up wall space and organize at the same time. Maybe you have a simple piece of décor that is just too small to hang alone, so it is currently sitting in the closet. Well, all you have to do is hang it from a wall hook or peg with a ribbon. You can also buy a pair of them and hang them side by side or on a slight diagonal to take up a little bit more wall space. That is the creative route. The practical and organizational route is to use them to keep everyday items in one place – easy to reach, easy to store. A jacket, backpacks (if not too heavy), scarf, hat and gloves, etc. Instead of all these items ending up in a pile on the floor, you give them a place on a hook or peg. As the year goes on, the daily essentials will change, but they will still have a home in your home on a wall hook or peg. Okay so here are some examples which I think are just so cute. Many of these are part of larger décor collections which include clocks, frames, and lamps…this way, if matchy-matchy is your thing you still have options in the way of organizing!

Monkey Around Peg Board
Monogram Wall Hook
White Star Wall Hook
Giraffe Wall Peg

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