Choosing a Ceiling Fixture for Your Kids Room

You desperately need to remove that old ceiling fixture in your child’s room – you know, the one that came with the house that does nothing for the décor not to mention the fact that you aren’t even sure what finish it originally was. Maybe it is even a lovely (sarcasm) ceiling fan with a pretty brass finish (my apologies to anyone who finds this a good thing). I am actually looking at my own ceiling fixture as I write this, thinking it really is time for change! Anyway, back to my point. Everyone has the moment when they realize the lighting just isn’t working anymore, so now what? There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when purchasing a kids chandelier or any other piece of kids lighting online. Most lighting will be custom made, and non-returnable so it is important to make a smart and practical decision. I will go through some simple steps to follow that should help you narrow down your options and make the best kids lighting purchase that you can. I know many of these will seem like no brainers, however don’t forget how we all tend to “forget the basics” when we are in the middle of a major shopping decision!

1. Measure Measure Measure…
You really need to do your prep work before even beginning to shop for a ceiling fixture. Just looking at the room won’t really help you decide how large or small you want the ceiling fixture to be. You should also think how much light you need as well. The larger the fixture, the more light because more arms and thus more bulbs. If you need it as the main source of lighting you probably want to go with a 3- 4- or 5-arm chandelier. Avoid pendant lighting which is one bulb and will not offer much in the way of light. Double check what the designer lists as the maximum wattage also – this varies greatly from one brand to the next and will also be a factor in how many arms / bulbs you will need. Also be sure to clarify what the measurements actually mean – this will also vary from one lighting line to the next. Most chandeliers will come with standard 3’ of chain, but some are hard-wired and others are plug-in style. Know what you want before shopping and then you will be able to ask all the right questions.

2. Decide the Details: Metal or Wood, Color & Finish, Shades or Not
This part is definitely the more creative aspect to choosing the right lighting fixture for your child. This is where you decide if you want the ceiling fixture to match your child’s room in color and style or stand out as a focal point in the room. Personal opinion again. The only thing I would add to this would be to take into consideration how permanent the current décor truly is. If somewhere down the line, the colors or purpose of the room may change, then you might want to stay with a neutral color or style. Otherwise, you can go with something that really fits the room as it is. Finish is another thing to double check on – the word “antique” has different meanings in the world of design, so find out how each designer is using it. Shades or not is another personal decision that you need to make. Shades are an easy way to update and change the look of a simple chandelier giving you many different looks for seasons, occasions or just to freshen up the room every so often. Personally I think shades do give a more polished and complete look, however it will also limit the wattage you will be able to use. And keep in mind some chandeliers will not even allow for shades in the way they are made.
3. Consider These Things as Well
Some random things to remember or ask would be what the return policy is – this is so important and should not be assumed by any means. Also, what is the completion time for the fixture you are interested in if you order today? Don’t think that will remain the same a few days or weeks from now…always ask availability right when you are ready to place your order.

With all of this being said, don’t forget to have fun and let your creativity go. Here are some of the best lighting fixtures that you will find right here on Rosenberry Rooms. Happy shopping!

Five Arm Leaf & Flower Chandelier
Pool Velvet Pendant
White Elizabeth Chandelier
Julia Antique White 3 Arm Chandelier

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