Tips to make your Child's Desk Area Functional AND Fun!

So you’ve found the perfect desk for your child – a high quality, beautiful children’s desk that is perfect for homework, drawing, coloring, learning, reading…all the things a little person needs to do. But, now you want to decorate, accessorize your child’s desk with everything he or she will need to craft original artwork, hand-made birthday cards, write stories and complete their homework. Here are 4 tips to not only create a wonderful learning environment for your child, but make it fun!
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1. Desk position – Where is the ideal placement in your child’s room for his or her desk? Avoid facing a window as your child will find distractions in the goings on in the outside world. Also, if your desk has a hutch or other large items, positioning the desk facing the window with block the natural sunlight.
2. Lighting – Adequate lighting is essential. Position your child’s desk to take advantage of natural lighting as mentioned above. Then, choose a desk lamp that issues enough brightness, yet protects children’s fingers from hot bulbs. Make sure the lamp is fun! This is a perfect opportunity to combine fun with function.
3. Supplies – A child’s desk requires lots of supplies to support all the artwork, drawings and creations that a child can dream. Here is a list of must-have supplies for your child’s desk drawers: full set of markers, large tub of crayons, fun stickers, yarn, post-it notes in fun colors, multi-colored construction paper, child friendly scissors, lined writing paper, report covers, line paper notebooks, pencils, sturdy pencil sharpener, desk calendar with fun pictures, photo frame with picture of the family.
4. Distractions – Your child’s desk area should be pleasing, comfortable and fun, but not a place for play. Limit distractions by avoiding filling drawers and shelf space with toys. Place toys out of view of your child when he or she is sitting at the desk to encourage focus.

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