Oopsy Daisy Art…What’s Not to Love?

Having just celebrated the holidays and watching my two girls dig into all their gifts has me thinking about kids art. I know…that is a strange connection…but, the reason is because I really think that a piece of artwork is one of the best presents you can give. It is not only a reflection of your own creativity but it also takes true thought and time to choose the right piece. If it is for your own child or even a relative, you have to put some effort into deciding what would interest them, what their style is (as well as parents) and where you are planning for them to hang it – nursery, bedroom or playroom. All of these factors will play a part in what type of artwork you choose. So, kid’s art is a very personal gift that takes a little bit of courage to give, and if you are up for the challenge I am going to dive into the most amazing children’s art around: Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids.

Oh, I cant even begin to properly translate into writing how much I absolutely LOVE them…they have over 50 artists that work and design for them in all sorts of themes, styles, colors to fit anyone’s taste and then some! Beyond their incredible diversity, is their ridiculous attention to detail and a sort of perfectionism that ensures every piece of kids art that they sell is truly top quality. And as if that wasn’t enough, a percentage of all their sales go to Children’s charities. Seriously…talk about guilt free shopping…you get amazing kids art, that is totally worth every penny and some of that money even goes to charity…how awesome is that?! The thing I love about Oopsy Daisy is that although they have become a large and well-known name in art, they still put pride into their work and produce products as if they were a small mom and pop shop.

Oopsy Daisy primarily offers stretched canvas reproductions and mural banners but has expanded recently and now offers other decorative items such as nightlights, lamps and shades, kids rugs, and more. Their stretched canvases are reproductions of original art that are completely finished and then wrapped around a wood frame…no glass to break, easy to clean, very kid friendly. Think of the mural banners as the same canvas, just not wrapped around a frame but with grommet holes in all four corners to hang flush against the wall. I also love how they have groups of artwork that are essentially one image but in several canvases – this is an awesome way to really have visual interest on top of great kid’s art. You really need to just take some time and look through everything that Oopsy Daisy has…that is the only way you will appreciate all that I am saying. Actually, to fully appreciate Oopsy Daisy, you really have to purchase some of their art, and THEN you will be as big a fan as I am. Now here are some pieces from the most popular artists from the Oopsy Daisy collection. I tried to show you a variety of what they do, from canvases to growth charts and some of their newer décor items as well. Enjoy, and buy some kids art!!!
Aaron Christensen Trophy Canvas
Jill McDonald On The Farm Mural Banner
Donna Ingemanson Our World Rug
Meghann O’Hara Monkeying Around Growth Chart
Gale Kaseguma Jellybeen Tree Canvas
Max Grover Train Engine Nightlight
Jenny Kostecki-Shaw A-Z World Canvas
Megan & Mendy Winborg All A Twitter Canvas Set of 6
Oopsy Daisy Lamp with Flower Garden Shade

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