How to Choose A Kids Area Rug

Kids rugs come in many shapes, sizes and colors so that the thought of narrowing it down to just one seems like an impossible task. It is common to try several area rugs before you find the one that works just right, but how do you get around this issue when you are purchasing online without seeing them firsthand? Although most rugs are returnable, you are still dealing with shipping fees and sometimes restocking fees as well. If you take the time to do a little prep work, choosing the right rug will be an easier and hopefully headache-free decorating process for you.

1. Decide on the Basics: Size and Shape
This may seem to be a waste of time, however the reality is quite the opposite. Before you even start to shop online, go to your child’s nursery, room or playroom and take out your tape measure. Mark off the area where you plan on placing the rug in order to decide what size rug will fit best. Be sure to have it narrowed down to no more than two sizes (typically the ideal size and either the next size up or down is good).

Then, you will decide on the shape – this is much easier since the majority of you will go with a rectangular rug. However, there are other options out there and you may want to add interest by choosing a round or square rug or even decide you really want a specialty shaped rug (like a flower, heart, sailboat, etc).

2. Decide on some other Basics: Texture and Fabric
Actually thinking about the texture of the kids rug that you want to bring into your child’s room is essentially deciding on a design style. Different textures tend to reflect design influences, so this is another way for you to help narrow down the endless options you have. Some popular styles for kids rugs are shag rugs (various materials), shaggy raggy rugs (jersey cotton), and low pile wool (more durable) or cotton rugs (softer).

Don’t think there is a special formula to decide all this – it comes down to the space itself and your purpose for the rug. Is the room large? You typically choose a rug size that is proportionate to the room unless you are defining an area like in a playroom where you can go with something smaller. What is the traffic like in the room? A playroom would do better with a low pile wool rug to withstand wear and tear. Do you have wood floors? A high pile rug like a shag will be more cushioned. Is it for comfort as well as décor? A nursery pretty much begs for a cotton or cotton blend rug – they are much softer and your baby will enjoy laying or rolling around on it.

3. Choose Your Color(s)
Often we are tempted to just see what is out there before deciding on what we like, but if you limit yourself to just a couple of colors or combinations of color, you will save yourself hours of work. If your child’s room is filled with colors and patterns, I suggest leaning towards a solid rug that picks up a secondary color in the room. If the room is simple, then you can choose a bold pattern or combination of colors to bring visual interest to the room. Again, this is all personal taste, but the more you think about this before you start to shop, the easier it will be.

4. Shop Accordingly
What I mean is that once you have the “outline” of what you are looking for in a kids rug, use it when you shop. Instead of looking through every single rug a website offers (too overwhelming), search by color, theme, or gender, and utilize advanced search options. All of these search options are there to assist you much like a salesperson would assist you in a store.

Even with the prep work, most of us will still end up with between 3-7 rugs that we love equally and cant seem to make up our minds on. That’s okay. Put them in your cart or print the images so you can see them side-by-side, then step away for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes. If you take some time to think about what you are looking for before shopping you wont be burnt out by the end. Just follow the simple steps I mentioned and make shopping for a kids rug fun and exciting. has so many kids rugs, that I am having a hard time narrowing down my list! Here are some of the most popular and unique ones they carry…
Pink Shaggy Raggy
Romantic Lace Rosa
Count From 1 to 10
Blooming Flower in Pink
Surf’s Up
Fire Engine Shag Rug
If you have more décor to shop for then continue to look through all that Rosenberry Rooms’ offers you. They update their products constantly so the more you come back, the more great décor you will find.

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