Fun and Creative Kids Bookends

One of the best parts of children’s décor is that some of the simplest and most practical items are the finishing touches that make your child’s room special. Here I specifically want to focus on kids bookends. I think that most of us either don’t think about them much and if we do, we usually have a pretty boring image in our minds. Perhaps we immediately think of the industrial metal ones that serve their purpose without much flare and which we definitely do not want as an eyesore in our child’s meticulously planned nursery, room or playroom. Personally I used to utilize any other item to do the work of a bookend, even a larger book, because I didn’t associate them with anything fun, exciting or remotely visually appealing. Now, I have to undo my old way of thinking because kids bookends have come a long way. A very long way.

Kids bookends have now become great accessories that can either complement your child’s décor or stand on their own. Most wooden bookends are very personal because they are custom made meaning hand-painted, which means no two are exactly alike. How fun for you and your child! You can find great combinations of colors (chocolate/blue, chocolate/brown), fun and popular themes (jungle, sports) and even design styles (shabby chic, modern). Beyond the color and styles that you see, many artists will also completely customize the bookends to suit your exact wants and needs, making them the perfect accessory for your child’s room.

Another thing about these small pieces of décor is that they actually serve a purpose other than looking great. So, you are able to keep your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom looking fabulous and keep their most treasured books proudly displayed.

Lastly, I want to mention that kids bookends are also the perfect gift (for your own child or for a friend or relative). Why the perfect gift you ask? Well, its simple. Bookends are a piece of décor that you think will look great in your child’s room, and yet it is fun enough that your child would be excited about it too. So, in essence you are taking care of two things when you purchase kids bookends: your desire to accessorize and your child’s love of opening gifts!

Here are some of the fun and unique kids bookends that carries, so open your mind to a new concept of a very traditional item.
DwellStudio Elephant
Brown and Blue
Cow Over Moon
Bella Heart Shaped
Remember that since Rosenberry Rooms is your one stop shop for kids furnishings, many of the bookends you see are part of a larger set of room décor – lighting, frames, clocks and even door hangers. Enjoy shopping for your child (and yourself!) to find all the details and finishing touches for your child’s nursery, room or playroom.

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