Choosing the Right Kids Bedroom Set

Deciding on what type of kids furniture is a big decision and one that many parents (usually moms!) spend many hours mulling over. Let’s be honest – it is one of the bigger purchases you will make and there are so many things to think of that at times it can seem overwhelming. In order to hopefully make the decision process a little bit easier, I will list some of the things that you should take into consideration prior to making your purchase. Your home is a reflection of your personal style, and furniture is the large part of that. Every other piece of décor will flow from the large pieces that you choose, and so there are many factors to take into consideration. Here are some of the things that I have often discussed with customers who are looking for direction when it comes to purchasing childrens furniture pieces…

1. Price Point
I put this first, because it is I think the most important factor. If you know that you can only spend x amount of dollars on a bedroom set, then you need to stick to that. This is a great way to trim down the list of options and allows you to focus on kids furniture pieces that are actually feasible for you to buy. Don’t feel that if you don’t spend more, you will not get good furniture. On the contrary, there are many affordable quality pieces of children’s furniture that you will be able to choose from, so be honest with your price range.

2. Timeline
How quickly do you need these pieces? Is your baby due next week or are you pre-planning by 6 or 7 months? Are you looking to transfer your toddler into their big kid room as soon as possible or do you need to have it completed before you bring baby home (which happens to be next week!)? All of these questions should also be answered honestly as the question above. Manufacturers have different completion times (the time it takes from placing the order to the ship date) and don’t forget there is the actual transit time. We would all love to have our children’s furnishings the day after we finally make our decisions, however that isn’t possible or even practical. Once you decide what your decorating timeline is, you have successfully narrowed down your options yet again, which is a good thing.

3. Type of Furniture: Wood or Iron
This decision is usually the easiest. Wood and iron furniture pieces have completely different looks that either appeal to you or they don’t. Wood furniture is the most common choice because of the multiple styles and color options that are available especially for children’s bedroom sets. If you happen to still have this decision up in the air, keep in mind that iron furniture will be a bit more pricey and typically is going to be custom made, meaning there is a longer completion time involved. One of the unspoken perks of kids iron furniture is its durability – it can withstand years of use and abuse by your kids and still look just as amazing as the day you purchased it.

4. Purpose of Furniture
This last point is a little bit more thought-provoking than the others because it really is the most personal. Is this children’s furniture set for just one child, or do you have other children that you want to be able to pass it down to? Do you need the furniture to be gender neutral or can you lean towards a more feminine or masculine furniture set? Will any of these kids furniture pieces eventually be used in a guest room? All of these questions together will give you your style boundaries when it comes to selecting the perfect kid’s furniture pieces – style, color, functionality.

If you take all of these questions into consideration before you start to shop for your kids furniture you will have a much easier time making your decision and really focus on the furniture pieces that fit your personal needs. Always remember that once you have your “purchasing outline” you can utilize the knowledge that sales reps have regarding the furniture that they sell. Now isn’t that easy?

Here are some of furniture pieces for your child’s nursery or bedroom that vary in price point, timeline, type and functionality.

Ma Marie Built to Grow Crib
Venetian Crib
Uffizi Bunk Beds
Hoppin John Bunk Beds
Chocolate and Pink Duo Changing Table
Classic Iron Changing Table
Mission Platform Bed
Floral Swag and Drop Bed

These are just a few examples, so make your list and shop through all that Rosenberry Rooms has to offer you. And be sure to think beyond the big pieces and check out the selection of bedding, lighting, art and other décor that has to available for you to complete the perfect room for your child.

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