Changeable Wall Art for Kids – A Parent’s Dream

Your child’s room is finally in place. You carefully chose the furniture pieces, bedding and lighting but are now staring at wall space. A lot of wall space, just begging for fun and unique pieces of kid’s art to adorn it. Thus begins the hunt. Your mind may be overwhelmed with all of your options: customized hanging letters, canvas reproductions, framed art, wall murals…oh what to choose?! Often the difficulty comes simply because we think that whatever kids art we choose has to be a permanent fixture in their room. This is true for most art that you will purchase (like the ones I mentioned above), however I want to talk about another form of kids art that is becoming more and more popular because of its changeability: Wall Stickers. No, these are not the ones that make it out of your child’s activity book and find themselves haphazardly stuck to their wall, or door, or bed post. These are the kind you WANT to be on the wall. They are created for that purpose and can be easily removed and even reused several times.

Okay, so you are still not convinced – I mean, after all you have said more times than can be remembered not to put stickers on the walls, and here I am telling you this is the way to go! You probably also are feeling that the quality of wall art that you want to hang in your child’s room is a level or two above anything that may come in sticker form. I hopefully will be able to change your mind with this entry after I explain a bit more and give you some examples of great wall stickers that are sure to make you do a double take.

I have been lucky to work at Rosenberry Rooms for just over three years and I do think they have one of the greatest selections of kids art that you can find. Having said that, I have seen every new artist and manufacturer that has come on board and what I find interesting is that wall stickers have gained popularity within the last couple of years. I think the reason is pretty obvious – you can decorate your child’s room with art that is removable and reusable. This is a perfect solution if you want to add a little something to the walls, but you know the room’s purpose will be changing – decorate now and then simply remove later. And, if you have a very special child who likes to change up their room every few months or so (like I did), then wall stickers are great because they have the option to rearrange the image several times. But, I think that the best part of incorporating wall stickers into your kid’s room is how many options you actually have. Everything from photo cut-outs of animals, whimsical dots, frames, various boarders, the alphabet, sports scenes, and even growth charts is available in wall sticker form.

Wall stickers are a great way to really personalize your child’s space because you can focus on exactly what they are passionate about when they are passionate about it. When that changes (which it will), you just change out the art. There is something to be said about art that can be changed out as quickly as your child’s “passion of the week”. Thus, wall stickers are often a more reasonable piece of kids art to purchase rather than a canvas reproduction, mural banner, or even framed art which (in my opinion) are more of a long-term decision.

Now on to the fun part! I get to show you some great examples of wall stickers that can be found
Chocolate Lab
Grazing Buddies
Girl Lacrosse
Wallpockets Blue
Fairy Princess Growth Chart
I hope that now you will consider wall stickers when you start to shop for kid’s art. Remember that wall art is only one form of kid’s décor, so make sure you check out the fantastic selection of kids rugs, clocks, lighting fixtures, and well, just about everything else you may need for your child on!

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