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Rhonda's Retreat Panel Bed

Rhonda's Retreat Panel Bed

Organization is something that I love. I am not sure if this was a natural personality trait or if it was so engrained into me as a child that it has become second-nature. I have to have everything in its place, and when I scan the room (I am always scanning a room) and see that naked doll lying on the floor next to the couch, I cannot be at peace until she rests fully clothed, comfortably and properly in her high chair. Some would consider this to be a flaw, but for me, it is a way of life. Sometimes I wish I could loosen-up in this regard, but after many failed attempts I have come to terms that I am happier when everything is in its place, so why fight it? Of course keeping organized really becomes more of a challenge once you bring children into the picture because when they are born, they bring with them an unexplainable ability to make everything they touch multiply. Seriously. Toys, dvds, dolls, rattles, pacifiers – they grow in numbers. Rapidly. And sometimes by the hour. Until one day you look around and realize that the color scheme of your home has become primary colors, flashing lights, hundreds of pieces that will never be put back together in one place to make a whole game again, and sounds…oh, so many sounds.

When this happens we have a couple of options. We can succumb to our fate of living in Fisher Price world for the next oh 10-15 years; we can teach our kids a lesson in giving and gather every last thing and tote it to Good Will; or, we can compromise. I am sure you all chose to compromise, which is a good thing…now what does that mean exactly? Well, to put it simply – Time to ORGANIZE!

Organization is something that I believe comes naturally to some and not so much to others. When you don’t necessarily enjoy or know how to bring order to your space, then what? This is where you shop. Oh boy, another favorite hobby of mine…this is great! Seriously though – you shop for pieces of décor that have storage built right into them. And for this, the possibilities are pretty much endless. The obvious ones like a toy box, shelving, bookholder, bins and even step stools with storage are all great (and should be incorporated into your décor), but lets not stop there. We should look “outside the box” if you will and think on a much larger scale – your child’s bed. I want to bring to your attention some of the not-so-obvious storage and organizational solutions that are literally built right in to your child’s bed. Gone are the days of the simple bed frame. The here and now of kids beds will not only amaze you but make you stop and think – wow, that was a really good idea why didn’t I think of it? Now, on to these amazing beds…

1. Bed with Trundle / Super Trundle / Captain’s Storage
Okay, so this one is probably the least surprising on my list, but it should still be mentioned. Most beds come with the option of a trundle. You may pass on that given that you don’t really need the extra sleep space, but think again. A box trundle serves the purpose of not only holding a mattress but allow for extra under the bed storage for blankets, sheets, even off-season clothing. And the best part is that it is all nicely tucked away under the bed for no ones eyes but yours. Many trundles will come with dividers so that you can organize further until (and if) you need the space for a mattress…a simple and yet very practical way of adding organization to your child’s room. If your bedding includes a bedskirt, then you don’t even have to look at the trundle at all…just an added bonus.
One Manufacturer decided to give you the best of both storage and mattress in what they have termed the super trundle. The unit holds a mattress and below that is a row of three drawers for that much needed extra storage…I think they named it perfectly!

The second part of this would be what is often called a captain’s storage unit. This is a unit that can include a combination of drawers, shelving and cubbies. Although this does not allow for an extra mattress it is typically built in to be more visually appealing as it matches the style and details of the bed and other pieces in that line. Just another way to utilize that “dead space” under your child’s bed for storage and organization.

3. Bookcase Bed
This is exactly what it sounds like…a bookcase built into the structure of the bed – specifically the headboard. Now, you can organize your child’s books, dolls, or other collectibles without having to add another furniture piece into their room. What a great idea especially if space is limited!

4. Loft Bed
Now this is where it gets exciting. Loft beds come in a variety of options – it’s like Baskin Robbins…a flavor to suit every taste. There is the basic loft that creates a study and storage space without taking much more room than a twin bed. You can incorporate two beds into a loft system and there are even options for more than two beds with extensions from certain manufacturers. Bottom line is that someone was really thinking when they created the loft bed. They are utilizing the space above the bed that typically can be considered “dead space” and filling it with shelving, cubbies, memo boards, etc. This is the all-in-one dream bed for anyone longing for organization and storage options. Some of these loft beds are so well-made that there is not a single inch of space that is not being utilized in some way – truly genius.

Explore all of these amazing beds on as you start on the road to a more organized and peaceful room for you child. I have a few of them right here for you (the ones that impress the most!) but hope that you will take your time and look at all of the options you have. I also threw in a crib with drawer unit – just in case you aren’t quite ready to shop for the big kid bed. So, happy shopping and remember that sometimes the solution is not the most obvious answer!

Bed with Trundle
Bed with Super Trundle
Bed with Captains Storage
Bookcase Bed
Loft Bed
Crib with Drawer

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