Birds, Cowboys, & Your Child's Name…

Decorating for your child is where you can really let loose and have some fun. There are so many amazing products that are available in almost any theme you can think of. If you are open to something a little “different” you will create a room that your child will always remember. I want to list a few options for themed kid’s rooms that I think are exciting both to look at and to put together. They are what could be considered sub-categories of common themes…but sometimes by taking just one part of a theme, you create something truly unique.

1. Nature – Birds
This is personally a favorite of mine. There is something about birds that is so happy and peaceful…I think they have a perfect place in décor especially for children. They represent nature in a most calming and melodious way. Today’s décor gives you a range of possibilities in this specific theme that are sure to catch your eye as you begin decorating a perfect nursery or bedroom for your child. Here are some of the best pieces for a bird themed room in my opinion.
Bedding: Wren; Bird’s Nest
Art: Oopsy Daisy; MaryJack Studios; Dwell
Décor: Bird Bank; Nightlight; Lamp

2. Western – Cowboy / Cowgirl
The western theme is actually very commonly used when decorating for your child. Let’s narrow it down just a bit into specifically cowboy and cowgirl themed rooms focusing on the print itself and see what happens. First of all not everyone wants to open the door to their child’s room and feel as if they stumbled onto the set of Tombstone, but by focusing on just one aspect we get a sophisticated and livable version. There is something beautifully rugged and simple about cow print fabric, and when you add that touch of pink for a girl or blue for a boy, who can resist? This is also great for the person who loves to keep a room simple in style – by adding a cow print throw to a solid cream duvet you have completely transformed the entire look of the room without much effort.
Fabric: Doodlefish; New Arrivals
Wish Upon A Star Décor: Doorhanger; Frame; Wall Peg; Bookends
Other Decor:Clock; Wall Letters; Iron Bed

3. Alphabet – Your Child’s Initial(s)
Choose pieces of décor that start with your child’s initial – like a page out of the ABC book by Alison Jay. This book is one of the favorites in our house because all the images are so visually appealing and intriguing. For each letter of the alphabet there is the obvious image (c – cow; b – balloon, etc.) but then as you look further you notice all the details (a car, cabbage field, cat, chickens) that are part of the scene. I know it may sound silly, but think about it for a moment, and hopefully you will see it as I do. Let’s say your child’s name starts with a “K”. In decorating their room, you look for pieces of décor that incorporate things such as kites, kangaroos, keys, knitting, kittens. Think of the possibilities! Decorating your child’s room this way would definitely make every item for your child’s room truly special. Yes, it may take a little more time for you to complete the room, but for the person who loves a challenge, this provides one. It is also a good way to start decorating especially when you are overwhelmed with all the possibilities that are available. How fun will it be when your child grows and starts to realize the correlation of everything that surrounds them? Here are a few art pieces that would work out great…
K – Kite
M –Monkey
B – Balloon
F – Fish
W – Walrus
D – Dragonfly

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