Animal Print for Kids…Classy or Trashy?

Although you may not immediately think of animal print when decorating for your child, with so many great children’s products available you absolutely can. Zebra print is especially popular today and can easily be incorporated into your child’s bedroom or playroom in the form of a blanket, area rug or a throw pillow. It is a way to add an unexpected touch of wild and is a great conversation piece.

Anyone who knows me would be laughing that I am writing to encourage animal print décor because I have never been a fan. But, I have come around after seeing many designers use animal print with existing décor in a surprisingly tasteful way. As long as it isn’t overdone, and is just a splash here and there, you will definitely make your child’s room stand out (in a good way!). Here are some things to keep in mind when taking a walk on the wild side with your child’s décor…

1. Don’t make every piece in the room matching animal print. Think like a minimalist when incorporating prints and designs that are bold and powerful, that way you avoid visual overload which will only make the room seem small and dated. Consider the room to be like an outfit – head to toe animal print is way over the top but a cream sweater with animal print cuffs is fun and classy.

2. Do take your time to find one key piece of décor that has an animal print you love. This can be an area rug, chandelier shades, a throw pillow or a blanket, but don’t rush into it…when you find the right piece you will know. This way you will add interest to your kid’s room or playroom without distracting from your other pieces.

3. Trends change and so does your taste. By choosing something along the lines of a rug or shades, you are not making a long-term commitment and can easily change or update at any time without much effort if you so desire.

4. Have fun and be daring. Strong and bold design choices such as animal print are daunting because they make such a statement that many times we shy away from them. Don’t be afraid to add that touch of wild…its fun and different and when incorporated into your child’s décor will only make your child’s space a step above ordinary.

If you are thinking of playing it safe and looking for the perfect pink clock, nightlight or table shade to match your little girl’s very pink room, step out and go with animal print instead. You won’t have the headache of trying to make sure all the tones of pink match and as a bonus you will bring visual interest into the room.

Check out a few of the fun animal print products that has to offer: Area Rug, Nightlight , Diaper Bag, Picture Frame, Wooden Hanging Wall Letters, Chalkboard, Wall Clock. You can also choose a piece of art that incorporates animal print in the image or matting. Be sure to shop for all your kids room essentials at where you will find that perfect animal print décor that will take the room from mainstream to simply wild!

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