Decorating Tips: A Themed Room That Both Parents and Child Will Love

A common design dilemma for parents is how to incorporate your children’s favorite characters or themes into their rooms without letting it become an in-home section of Disney World. Typically the way most parents will deal with this is to either succumb to the bright colors and obnoxious designs or to just ignore it altogether. Either way the parents or child would lose out. And who doesn’t want their child to have a really fun room (especially if yours was boring as a child)? A recent personal experience along these lines has allowed me to overcome this all too common issue and find the happy medium that we as parents long for. First, to backtrack…

We just moved into our first house (YAY) and simultaneously transferred our 2-year-old daughter into her “big girl bed” to pass on the crib to her little sister. With all the horror stories thrown our way we were more than apprehensive, but it had to be done. So, we tapped into our daughter’s current obsession to help us out – Cinderella (“Cee-wella” as she would say). She is all girl and right now everyone’s favorite princess rules her world. So, of course her new bed would HAVE to be her “new-big-girl-Cinderella-princess-bed” for this to work. We talked about it with her for weeks to get her excited and took her to buy her princess sheets and pillow and as I type I have to say it went so much smoother than I thought. Every night she is actually excited to go to bed, she only wandered out of her room the first night and now she blissfully sleeps in her new bed (although I really think she just plays with her dolls all night)!

The best part of this is that when her bed is made no one would know that a secret fairytale world lies under the covers. See, we had to get her excited about the bed, but there was absolutely no way I was okay with having the very bright, very blue yellow and pink colors taking over one of the rooms in our awesome new home. Why should I have to have an eyesore visible from the hallway when every other part of our house is hip and cool?

So my solution? Simple really. We began by choosing a wall color that was a soft pink, so when we change out the bedding, the paint could stay. Next, we bought a delicate pink duvet and sham set which would work well on the antique white metal daybed. The gold accents on the daybed we painted soft pink (like the walls) so that everything was unified throughout the room. We chose chocolate window treatments (because of course brown and pink décor is great!) and the hardware has pearl white ball finials. Her bookshelf we painted antique white along with two wall shelves to match the daybed. The accent lamp is a chocolate base with a pale pink shade pulling both those colors of the room together. Then, we went all out with the sheets – a princess set that is full of bright colors and a pillowcase that even has life sized faces on it. Just imagine how happy she is laying her head upon Cinderella’s every night! She gets to uncover everything magical as she climbs into bed and we get to “hide” it during the day leaving a very feminine and chic room that works with the rest of our home.

So, you may be looking to decorate your little girl’s room or perhaps your son just has to have cars, trucks and trains surrounding him. Not to worry – all you have to do is incorporate a few key elements from your child’s favorite theme and keep everything else simple and tasteful. Not only does feature amazing bedding lines that offer you countless options for fun, simple or elegant bedding designs for both boys and girls, this one stop shop also has everything you need for your child’s room décor. You can find wall shelves, wall hooks, picture frames, drawer knobs, and more, giving you all the decorative accents to create the perfect boy’s or girl’s room. The result? A room that is fun for your child yet pleasant for mom and dad. Win-win.

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