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Skip Hop

Skip Hop diaper bags are designed to carry everything you and your baby need, the way you want to carry it. Available in an assortment of great colors and fabrics that look great on both moms and dads, there are several sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. The duo diaper bag is what made Skip Hop famous. Now they have added the duo double diaper bag for multiple children, the dash diaper bag with a more hip and urban shape, and the expo diaper bag which ingeniously unzips to add 50% more interior space.

Skip Hop diaper bags are designed with numerous compartments to keep baby's essentials easy to find, while your items stay safe from wet and messy things. Best of all is the Skip Hop innovative strapping system that lets you fasten the diaper bag onto any stroller - so easy! Just snap it on and take off!

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